Universidad Mayor | Hémera Centro de Observación de la Tierra


Cobertura Terrestre

Land cover and vegetation change

Monitoring land use and vegetation change

Seguridad Alimentaria

Food safety and precision agriculture

Characterization and evolution of agricultural crops

Modelamiento Ambientales

Environmental modeling

Environmental modeling under different climate change scenarios

Monitoreo Cuerpos Agua

Monitoring oceanic and inland water

Monitoring state and quality of water

Efecto Cambio Climatico

Effects of climate change and natural resources conservation

Monitoring effects of climate change and its link to conservation

Riesgos Naturales

Natural hazards, geological and geomorphological

Evaluation of conditions that could potentially harm people and the environment

Analisis Ev Desastres

Analysis and evaluation of natural disasters

Use of remote sensing to readiness, management and minimize impact